Trips throughout the Baltic States, Europe, the CIS.

We provide services for the delivery of workers to or from facilities (jobs or sites) in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.


NGU Ltd. (License PS-01870, European Community Permit EP-00917, VAT number LV40003371309) provides passenger transportation services and provides comfortable buses with drivers, corporate services, school trips, weddings, funerals. The cost of ordering a bus is always individual – and you can discuss it by calling directly on the phones in Riga posted on our company’s website.

  • Drivers: Our drivers are punctual and have many years of driving experience, impeccable quality of service and a high professional level.
  • Transports: Our cars, buses and trucks are always in excellent technical condition. All our transports undergo regular routine maintenance only in official services.
  • Bills: Our business activities are official and legally transparent. We provide the necessary financial documents for reporting. We organize the transportation of goods and passengers by road across Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and the CIS countries. We provide our clients with a FULL LOGISTICS SERVICE, ensuring timely and correct delivery “from the door of the sender to the door of the recipient.”

We do not strive ourselves to complete the entire scope of work for our customers: we order services that we do not provide ourselves from our trusted partners who work professionally in certain narrow areas of logistics.

Our experts will select the optimal transportation routes that satisfy the client both in cost and delivery time, and in terms of cargo safety. The presence of constant mobile communication with the driver and GPS tracking of the car allows you to inform the client about the location of his cargo in real time.